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B Everywhere Errands is Hawaii's Premier Errand Running Service!

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Allow us to give you the gift of time with our experienced, professional, efficient and compassionate service that will run your errands, courier your documents & packages, be your personal shopper, pick up & deliver items at your request, create & prepare those THOUGHTFUL customized gift baskets plus, we will even deliver them with a song with our singing telegrams. We are even able to assist you with your administrative and clerical needs with our MiniAdmin service, which includes filing, organizing, sorting through mail, special projects, and much more. If you can delegate something to someone else, then we are the company for you. Our reliable and friendly service will have you dialing 808-ERRANDS over and over again. Let us stand in those long lines and wait in traffic while you spend time relaxing with your family and friends, doing what you love to do. Accept this gift of time from us by calling our service, so, you can do more of what makes life worth living.

Always remember that we are the first ones to offer you Virtual Shopping. We will video chat with you and/or send you pictures while we are shopping to make sure you see exactly what we see. This way, you never miss a thing and you always get what you want.

How do you schedule an errand with us? What's the process?

• First, Call or schedule online with the following buttons. Whether you need us twice a day, every day, once a week or just as needed, it all starts here. We will gather information on what you need done, and where & when it needs to be delivered.
*note - For certain services such as gift baskets or large purchases, we may ask for a deposit at this time.

Second - We schedule your request. A professional errand runner will be notified and prepare to take care of your order. If we have any questions, we will keep in contact with you to ensure quality service and, upon request, we will even shop with you virtually during that time.
*If you schedule for something for later, we reliably place it in our calendar and have when you need it, where you need it.

Third - We complete your order. We deliver your request to your designated location and for your convenience, we accept just about all forms of payment. It is that easy.

• Virtual shopping is also available through B Everywhere Errands! We can connect with you via Skype, Messenger, etc. or by sending pictures in real time so you can shop with us from the comfort of your home or office.

What is the cost for the errand service?

image of Donna Rodriguez handling all kinds of errands at once.

 Our time begins as soon as we start out on your errand and ends when the delivery is made. Please contact us to get an estimate. We are also ready to fulfill all of those same day needs with an additional $25 express fee.
*Note - There is a 5% surcharge incurred on all expenses paid on the client's behalf.
We are aware that not everyone can afford a service like ours, so, please let us know and we are happy to work with you or your loved ones to get the things you need.

We are dedicated to our community

Our Mission - We let God lead, provide a thoughtful, efficient, reliable and honest service.  We help all socioeconomic statuses, while giving back to our community through God's Tithing Foundation.  We take this business personally and strive to have values that help inspire the world.

image of Owner Donna Rodriguez and her team at Be Everywhere Errands

B Everywhere Errands is a company that believes in not only offering a useful and efficient service to everyone but, also making sure that our kupuna and family are taken care of when they need it. We assist with elderly needs. This part of our service can be invaluable and we realized that when members of our own family were in hospice care and extra help was needed to make everyday life easier. We take this part of our business very personally and take great joy in providing necessities and helping out in any way that we can.

We are wholeheartedly loyal to our friends and neighbors. We dedicate our time, energy, and resources to assist those in need by donating a minimum of 13% of all service fees to the  God's Tithing Foundation whose mission is to help those in need with a kind, compassionate and generous heart. Just know that when you allow us to help you, you are automatically helping someone who really needs it.

If you would like to learn more about the God's Tithing Foundation, or donate, please use the button, below:

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